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Hello and welcome to this free counter! We hope that you will use this free counter site when you need word counter for essays, document word counter, article word counter and others.

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This online counter or counter online is something that helps you to count number of words. For example in the sentence "This is a free counter website." there are six (6) words according to this word count tool... We're not sure if there is something really perfect in this universe. That's why we can't answer the question about the so called "perfect word tool". But we can tell you what are the good word tools

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Good word tool, when we're talking about counting the words, can't be something like "counters online are showing 100 words, but I wrote 200 words", "some online counters want me to pay them a lot of money to count my words" (just an example, I never met this online), "the word counter online is not working", "the online word counter is often down", "not working word counter software", etc.
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Count words and be happy!

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Well, if you would like to learn (or you are searching for) more about the counters (about it and almost everything else, you're welcome), please read about them visit this science treasure, please!
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